Thursday, September 29

Wednesday, September 28

Day #271 and Adjusting

Adjusting to a new house, a new school schedule, another volleyball say the least it has been crazy around here.  I haven't really had time to cook anything new.  I have been relying on old standby recipes.  I did find a recipe that was super simple and the family loved it!

Friday, August 19

Day #231 and The "List"

School starts Monday for my oldest and Tuesday for the others.  I am starting to wonder if I will have my list done before then.  It started with 27 items and I have manage to cross off 13 in three days.  The heat is back on here and I have been battling a migraine for three days.  Coincidence?  I finally find motivation and now I am struggling just to keep up with laundry and cooking is totally out of the question.  Hubby did manage to build the boys beds out of 24 2"x4"'s.  They look really cool!  Hopefully he will finish my daughter's this weekend!

Have a good weekend!