Monday, June 13

Day #164 and Dirt

At our new place, can't really call it home, we have an abundance of flower beds.  I started with one out back a few weeks ago.  I wanted to transplant my hydrangeas and move a few other plants from around the property.  The beds were in poor condition.  Four hours and half a trash barrel later, I was able to plant three hydrangeas, two peonys, two hostas, and four creeping jenny's.  It looked great until two nights of heavy rain and two clogged gutters.  All my good dirt was washed away.  Now that the gutters have been cleaned, I will be adding more dirt and a gutter snake to advert water from round 2 of flooding. 

Yesterday I cleaned out the raised concrete bed for our garden.  I wanted to put raised cedar beds in the back of the property but with the summer heat on I knew my plants wouldn't survive much longer in their pots.  We have four tomato plants , two cucumbers, two bell pepper, two jalapeno pepper, a cabbage, radishes, onions, and raspberry bushes. 

I will add pictures as soon as I find my camera.  The joys of moving, can't find anything!

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