Thursday, June 23

Day #174 and Fort Worth or Bust!

After a broken belt and engine bolt on my van, we are leaving for Fort Worth tomorrow morning.  At 4 in the morning to be exact.  Not really wanting to drive in the heat or traffic, I decided it would be best to leave early.  The kids disagree.  We are going to pick up my oldest from Nana's and drop off my youngest, the dog.  My mom agreed to keep her until we could find a place where we could keep her!  I just can't bear to give her away.  She has been here with us for a few days and has done great.  We have been walking her several times a day since the yard is not fenced.  The kids are thrilled to have her here.  Just a frustrating situation.

Hubby is staying behind this trip to umpire.  And although we will miss him, maybe he can get all his homework done while we are away!  Only two classes until he finishes in Master's in Education!  Then it's on to his doctorate!  By the time he finishes college our oldest will be starting!  Crazy!!

Have a great weekend!

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