Sunday, June 12

Day ? and a New Adventure

About a month ago Hubby and I decided to make a big decision and move.  Our children were going to a school district in which we didn't live in and with rising gas prices, we just couldn't afford to drive back and forth any longer.  Sometimes the hardest sacrifices are the ones you make for your children.  I love my house and we put so much into it, so many memories were made there.  It's just heartbreaking. 

What makes it even harder is we couldn't find a place that would allow us to keep our precious dog.  She is part of our family, it makes me cry every time I think about it.  She is still at our old house and as the move is coming to a close, we still haven't found her a home.  I can't  give her to just anyone.  We chose to give her to a family about 2 years ago.  Six months later we received a call from our vet saying the police had found her roaming the streets.  I went to the vet's office to see her in poor condition with worms and cut on her leg that had become severely infected.  After a large vet bill, we decided to keep her.  I felt so guilty.  We had given her to a good home, or so we thought.  Now I don't trust anyone and she just needs a family to love her the way we do.

I pray everyday that this is the right decision and that we will be okay.  So maybe this week I will get back to blogging and cooking.  I miss cooking! We have been eating out so much with baseball and the move!  No more hamburgers, tacos, or pizza PLEASE!

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