Tuesday, June 14

Day #165 and a Beautiful Morning

Sitting out on my front porch enjoying a nice breeze and being thankful for wireless internet.  I love being outside in the summer.  As a kid I couldn't spend much time outside.  The heat and I were not friends.  I remember having heat stroke as we stood in line to see Air Force 1 at the Boeing Company in Wichita.  Not fun.  After having children I had to adapt to the heat and fast.  They loved being outside and I loved them being worn out, making nap time so much easier. 

The only downside to summer heat is I don't dare turn on the oven.  So we have been grilling a lot.  I found this marinade last summer called Mojo.  It is has citrus juice, garlic, and onion.  It is great on chicken and steak, haven't tried it on pork yet but I bet it would be good too!  Tonight we are having pork chops and grilled veggies.  Not a big fan on grilling veggies, but a friend told me to put them in aluminum foil to keep them from falling through the grates.  Hopefully it works! 

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