Sunday, January 16

Day #16 and getting organized

Being organized in the kitchen has many benefits.  Knowing what ingredients you have and where to find them is always a plus!  While we were visiting my parents at Thanksgiving, I found two new stores that I LOVE!  First was Ikea. I could have taken home everything in that store!  The second was The Container Store.  I was searching for canisters for my new pantry.  I wanted clear, air-tight, and plastic (for kid safety).  I found these awesome containers!  They fit the bill!  I purchased two of the largest ones and one for spaghetti first.  I am always leery of new products and wanted to see how they would work for me.  Needless to say,  I ordered 24 more online.  The first of three boxes arrived yesterday!  I also ordered packet containers for tea bags and instant oatmeal.  I can't wait for the remaining boxes to arrive!

In the meantime, I am on the prowl for new side dishes.  It seems like we always have a veggie and salad, but you get tired of the same veggie.  So I'm gonna give this one a try tonight:

NEW RECIPE #8  Parmesan Corn Pudding:
(Southern Living December 2010)
(Average Family Rating)

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