Wednesday, January 19

Day #19 and Delays

Waiting...something I don't do well.  I have no problem admitting that and it seems as if my impatience has grown these past few years.  You may ask, "What are you waiting for?" 

It started Monday when Hubby was off work and I had two sick kids at home.  We were going to work on the back splash. 

Delay #1:  Hubby putting in new electrical boxes. It took forever!
Delay #2:  Hubby had to get patches for the holes in the wall where the wires were originally just hanging.
Delay #3:  Apparently you have to wait for the drywall mud to dry around the patch to mud over them.
Delay #4:  Impeding snow storm.  Had to go grocery shopping yesterday.
Delay #5:  My containers didn't arrive until 7pm yesterday from Fed Ex.  By then I was too tired to unpack, wash, and transfer stuff into them.
Delay #6:  The dog....the lovely dog vomited on the carpet sometime last night.  So I will be cleaning carpets today instead of working on the back splash.

Sorry to vent, but sometimes a girl just needs to vent!  Cooking will not start again until Friday at this point.  Although last night I made this awesome spaghetti sauce and used ground turkey instead of ground beef.  It was so good!  Less grease and way more healthy, plus the kids loved it! 

Have a good day and pray mine will be as well!

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  1. LOVE THIS POST. I couldn't stop laughing about waiting for the mud to dry. It had to have been created by a man. Only a man would create some form of project that requires a long break!