Friday, January 28

Day #28 and Kansas Day

Tomorrow is Kansas' 150th birthday!  My youngest had to make something about the state bird, the Western Meadowlark.  We searched the Internet for pictures and did a collage on a canvas.  It turned out better than I hoped.  My daughter is taking Kansas History this semester and keeps saying how boring Kansas is, but I think she is missing the point.  Kansas is a state of nature, animals, and fields.  We also have hills and sand dunes.  I use to think that there is nothing to do here, but after all the papers my son has brought home about this wonderful state, I have changed my mind.  For spring break, two of the four are going to Nana's and the other two are staying here and we are going to go on a road trip of Kansas.  

No real luck in finding any microwave recipes.  I don't think I can get past the thought first of something being "cooked" in the microwave.  We had sloppy joes in the electric skillet one night and ordered pizza last night.  The new range's arrival has been pushed back another week and our van overheated yesterday.  I keep thinking it will get better, but when?   I did do something just for me last night, I got my hair done.  Although my oldest thought I should color it white, exactly what I was trying to avoid!

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