Sunday, January 2

Day #2 and a little info...

Day #2 of this adventure has brought me a little insight of how I am going to come up with new recipes to try. 
Here is a list of resources I plan to use in this quest:
1.  My collection of cookbooks
    I have quite a few cookbooks, mostly little ones you pick up at the grocery isle.  I have one from my mother which I can say I have only made items she has written in the back!  But my favorite cookbook is the very first one I ever owned, 32 Fabulous Cookies by Marie Bianco.   I bought it at my first grade book fair.  It's even stamped on the inside cover by the librarian!  I've made countless recipes out of this lovely book, but my favorite would have to be recipe 21 Genemary's Chocolate Crack-ups.  This page is covered in residue of sticky fingers and memories of baking these delicous cookies with my Granny.

2.  Food
    I have used this so many time when I am stumped or need something quick.  It is a great resource for questions, especially for ingredients I have never heard of such as Golden Syrup! 

3.  You
   Please send me any recipes you think I should try.  I am willing to try almost anything within reason.  Please no liver and onions or brussel sprouts! 

NEW RECIPE #3  Sour Cream Coffee Cake:
(Average Family Rating:  3.6)

Since this is a loooong recipe I decided just to give you the link...(yes I can be a little lazy...)

The cake is currently baking in the oven, but I can tell you this, the batter is very thick!  I don't know if it is because of something I did or it's suppose to be thick!  But we shall see in t-minus 10 minutes!

Update:  It came out perfect!  I baked mine in a Bundt pan since I don't own a tube pan.  I also made the glaze with Golden Syrup rather than maple.  Yum!

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