Wednesday, January 26

Day #26 and Seriously?

Do you ever have the feeling someone or something is against you?  I am beginning to think that way about my kitchen.  Yesterday I moved the crappy range from one side of the cabinet to paint the other side of the cabinet and then...BANG, a spark, and a puff of smoke emerge from the back of it!  Great, now I don't have a working range at all!  Apparently the connection is fried!  The new range will not be hard-wire as is this one, but I am having trouble finding out when the new one is going to arrive.  I ordered it online, which I have never ordered an appliance of this magnitude online before.  I have called only to be put on hold for 15 to 20 minutes at a time.  When I finally got through last Thursday, the salesman told me it was due to arrive from GE on January 24.  Where?  There.  There is in Michigan!  Then he proceeds to tell me it will be another 7-10 business days before it will get to me because I wanted "White Glove" shipping.  UGH!  Now what?  The best neighbor in the whole wide world is going to let me borrow her electric skillet so we can at least have edible food.  I am going to search the web today for microwave recipes...

Please pray for me and the speedy delivery of my new range in non-damaged, working order!  Thanks!

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  1. OH NO!!! However, I too am on pins and needles waiting for your new range. I cannot wait to see the pictures of it as it takes it's place of honor in your newly painted and remodeled kitchen. :)