Saturday, February 5

Day #36 and I'm up...

Why is it the first Saturday I could sleep in since August am I awake at 5am?  Why?  I didn't go to bed early or late.  I have been getting up between 4 and 5:30am every morning for over a month now!  What is going on!  Hubby used to have to shake me awake at 6:45am every morning!  I miss those days...

The drip beef was awesome last night!  Another 5 on the rating scale!  Next time I think I will add more garlic and oregano!  Now what to make tonight....dunno.  

I know I am becoming a bit whiny but I just want my range!  I've been patient and now I want to throw a two year old fit!  I want it NOW!  The kitchen remodel is coming along nicely.  Hubby is going to install the trim around the window above the sink, four more drawer fronts, and the plug for the range TODAY!  Once the island is clear again, I will paint the trim to go around the countertops.  We installed granite countertops about 4 yrs. ago and I didn't get that 4 inch piece for the back splash.  Kicking myself now because that 4 inch piece will cost me a fortune now!  So we decide to go with a simpler, more cost effective option, baseboard trim painted the wall color!  Here's what we have left:

Kitchen Remodel List:
  1. Build cabinet above range, paint.
  2. Buy range hood, install.
  3. Build cabinet by dishwasher, paint.
  4. Buy dishwasher, install.
  5. Build cabinet doors, paint, add hardware. 
  6. Build shelving in pantry, paint.
  7. Remove cabinets surrounding refrigerator & freezer.
  8. Build new surround for refrigerator & freezer, paint.
  9. Remove one cabinet from island, add corbels.
  10. Replace trim around windows in dining area.
  11. Move light over island and add can lights.
  12. Replace back door.
  13. Replace flooring and baseboards.
  14. Buy new dining room table and chairs.
Maybe we will be done by May?

...note I didn't say what year ;)

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