Saturday, February 26

Day #57 and Lazy Days

We never get "lazy days", but today is one of those days!  No games, no events, no where to be, YEAH!  One would think I would take this opportunity to get stuff done around the house, uh no.  We haven't done anything.  I made pancakes and mac n' cheese, but that is the extent of it.  I was going to make those cookies I posted about yesterday, but we are out of dried milk and I really don't want to go to the grocery store on a Saturday.  I flipped through most of my cookbooks looking for inspiration for dinner tonight, nothing.   Pizza it is.  Now all I need is a good movie and a blanket!

Oh, I did change the background picture in anticipation of spring! I am so looking forward to warmer temps, gardening, and flip flops!

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