Wednesday, February 9

Day #40 and Snow Days...

Update:  Thank you to Mr. Bill who fixed my crappy stove to cook another day!  Words cannot express my gratitude!  Also my new range has been located in Indiana as of this morning.  I still won't see it for another 7-10 business days, but now at least I can cook something...not today though, have an awful migraine!  Probably brought on by the morons at the shipping company!

Wednesdays have become snow days here in the land of Oz.  Yesterday the kids were released from school at 12:30pm.  By that time, we already had 4" of snow.  When Hubby got home he decided to shovel the driveway(s), couldn't just stop with one...think he was sucking up to the neighbors in exchange for some adult beverages!

I had already decided by 8pm. last night if school wasn't cancelled, I wasn't going to take them and I went to bed.  Only to wake up at 4am...we now have over 12" of snow, according to the ruler on the deck.  No school.  This is the third Wednesday in a row the kids haven't had school, ugh!  I love my kids dearly, but they are just as tired of me as I am of them.  Spa day here I come...

I have lost my desire to cook, at least in an electric skillet or crockpot.  Today I am going to make Steak the crockpot.  I just checked the shipping company website, still no change.  Hubby is going to take over today and get to the bottom of this!  I paid quite a bit of money for this range, more than I care to admit, but I did it because we needed it.  Not because I had money lying around and thought maybe this would be a nice upgrade.  IF that were the case, I would have paid more and ordered it from the local store, but the difference was enough to order online.  With a three week estimated  delivery time, I thought it was the best option.  Four weeks later and no range, no idea where it is.

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