Thursday, February 24

Day #55 and Back to the Grind...

I made it home in record time yesterday and NO I did not speed...okay maybe a little. I was so happy to see my kiddies!  One almost tackled me in the school hallway, another got in the van and didn't realize it was me, when he did he hugged me so tight and wouldn't let go!  It was nice to know they missed me too. 

Of course Hubby didn't take anything out of the freezer for dinner.  So after picking up the kids, we went to the grocery store.  I made pork chops and fried potatoes.  It was nice to use my new range.  Hubby had to teach a class last night which meant I not only had the privilege of cooking, but cleaning up too.  I did put the leftovers away and clean the stovetop, but saved the dishes for this morning. 

Five o'clock this morning came too soon!  I did not want to get up or even leave the house, but duty calls.  I will be cleaning the refrigerator out today since tomorrow is trash day and cleaning the rest of my kitchen.  It's funny how everyone has their own idea of clean.  I don't think Hubby wiped the countertops even once while I was away.   I am also going to try out the oven today, making cookies!  Tomorrow I hope to get back into a routine and make a new recipe.  It seems like forever since I could bake!

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