Monday, February 14

Day #45 and Let's talk Cheesecake...

My son who turned 14 yesterday asked for a cheesecake for his birthday cake.  I have only made cheesecake once before and that was right after Christmas for my Dad.   It is not an easy thing to make!  It takes planning, which I am not good at when it comes to cooking.  I make what I want, when I want it.  So off to Sam's we went to buy a 3lb. block of cream cheese.  Saturday night I left it out on the counter to come to room temperature along with 7 eggs! 

Sunday morning, I made the cheesecake in the crappy oven.  To say I was worried was an understatement.  It was fluffier than the first and almost overflowed the springform pan.  It took almost 30 minutes longer than the recipe call for to bake.  So when I took Hubby to buy a new battery, I picked up ice cream for a back up plan.  After the birthday boy dinner out at Golden Corral, we came home to the cheesecake.  How anyone was still hungry afterwards I will never understand...boys a.k.a. bottomless pits.  I only had a bite of Hubby's and it was yummy! 

Only three weeks until "birthday season" comes to a close here!  And she doesn't want a cake, just scamboli.  :)

I'll post the cheesecake recipe tomorrow along with the new Recipe Box page!

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