Thursday, February 10

Day #41 and Positive thoughts...

I still have a headache, but everyone went to school today, I have a working range, a ton of laundry to catch up, and grocery shopping!  Hubby even took the kids to school today without me even asking him!   No doubt he probably hasn't bought my V-day present yet and is sucking up in advance just it case what he does buy me is a flop. The second Valentine's day we were together, Hubby gave me the best present, our son.  He will be 14 on Sunday.  The past two years Hubby has given me two Spa gift cards,(yes I know I should have used them prior to now, but I haven't had time).  Sweet and all, but I would like something that requires some thought behind it.  Something practical and useful, not a new vacuum either, which we desperately need!  I know exactly what I am going to get him...

Going to work on the new "Recipe Box" page today.  Hopefully it will be up and running by early next week.  I like the idea of pages, so less cluttered on the home page and easier for you to find recipes.  Pictures are coming soon also to CMW.  I have thought about adding ads to my blog, but I didn't start this blog to make a buck.  So I am struggling with that decision.  What do you think?  Also coming in March will be a giveaway!  It will be a monthly thing, announced on the 1st of every month and the winner will be announced on the 7th of month, but you must be a follower to enter.  

Sorry for the lack of recipes this week, but stay tuned...I'm sure I will be cooking up a storm this weekend! 

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  1. OOOH. Come on March. Now you know - Nancy and I can get a bit competitive so it's good we dont live in the same town or there might be some major plotting over the giveaway!